Vlog hottie Amanda Congdon has posted her best video in months — maybe ever. The fact that it's an ad-libbed outtake that could never be featured on a major news network just goes to show that she was never meant for ABC. Maybe her rumored project with the relatively uncensored HBO will work out after all. Of course, I'm still laughing too hard to admit that I'm ignoring some key problems.

There's the fact that it's an old joke. That it's mostly humorous because Congdon is usually incapable of humor. That I laughed because she is defying her image as a vacuous, uninteresting shill attempting to make her way in the world of "legitimate journalism." That lightning doesn't strike twice. On second thought, who knows what the future will hold for Amanda Congdon? All I know is that if it looks anything like this, I'm wishing the videoblogger all the luck in the world.