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Having found his vanity website was inciting insufficient outrage, Joe Francis has again switched gears, moving away from Phil Spector side-by-sides to a new offensive aimed squarely at the girls suing the incarcerated Girls Gone Wild CEO for marketing their ill-considered, titty-flashing exploits. In new section "You Be The Judge," visitors are invited to watch video of the plaintiffs telling a camera operator that they are of age, before gleefully relinquishing all rights to footage captured in the nearby Suspicious Goings On tour bus.

After having reviewed the overwhelming evidence, readers are then invited to vote on whose side they take. We're sure the poll will start posting the results once they tip in Francis's favor; but for now, you'll simply have to settle for a message offering, "Thanks for voting!" and the knowledge that you've done your mouse-clicking part to free the Pied Piper of Drunken Second-Guessing Exhibitionists.