Yesterday we reported on an overheard conversation starring peculiar restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow—he was figuring out the cheap way to fix up some of the falling-apart areas of Kobe Club. Later, Eater was on the receiving end of a personal call from Chodorow. In the words of the man himself, "Kobe is not closing, ever." He then called 9/11 an inside job, claimed the Moon landing was a hoax, said that gravity was a Kurdish conspiracy, and quickly excused himself, saying he had a meeting with Hexlor VII, the Supreme Commander of Flexicor MI9. Also he's opening up a Kobe Club in Miami!

From Eater:

Regarding the convo, wrong again: the Chodorow was eating with his lovely wife and was on the phone with his designers. Here's the thing: there is an issue with the stingray bar top currently installed at the restaurant. Just didn't hold up. "When you experiment with new materials, sometimes the solutions aren't that easy," says El Chod. Now on order is not the cheap stuff, but this stuff (click "stingray parquet"), which promises to be more durable. While repairs are being made, there is a temporary covering on the bar. So, that's that.

Or, actually? No. That's totally not "that" just because The Choad rings you up and says so.