How bad are things for the beleaguered scholars of New York University? This bad:

It takes more than a caffeine fix at Starbucks for Tisch junior Priya Shelly to make it to class. As a resident of Water Street residence hall, Shelly relies on university buses—the vital link between faraway residence halls and the Washington Square campus in operation since the late 1990s—in order to get to class. But buses that are crowded, frequently late and take convoluted routes have made Shelly's commute a constant inconvenience. "Sometimes, the bus doesn't show up at all," she said.

Nooooo! But it gets worse!

"Coming from Water Street [the buses are] almost always overcrowded," Shelly said. "One morning, probably around 9 a.m., it was so crowded that I had to stand in the space between the doorway and the steps and grab onto bars just to get to my destination."

Can you imagine? That's not even safe! What are these kids paying $50,000 a year for? Shouldn't NYU have taxis at their beck and call to ferry them to their all-important destinations? Because if conditions remain this hellish, they might actually have to take a subway, or, and this is almost too terrible to suggest, get up a little earlier so they can catch a bus that will ensure they arrive at class on time. And we can't have that! Shame on you, NYU! SHAME!

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