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When NBC's Ben "The Perfect Storm" Silverman appeared on Michael Eisner's talk show last week to serve notice to his network rivals that his resurgent Peacock would soon be feasting on their rotting, Nielsen-dead entrails, the full extent of his programming vision was not yet clear. But since then, Silverman has made two stunning moves that demonstrate he's utterly unafraid to strip-mine the past if that ensures a better-rated future: the revival of Knight Rider, and, according to TV Week, the appointment of '80s wrestling icon and recently recycled VH1 celebreality star Hulk Hogan to American Gladiators hosting duty:

Hogan made the rounds at NBC's Burbank offices last week and has accepted the job. The deal is still being finalized, but sources say both parties are committed.

NBC sees Hogan as "the perfect fit" for the "Gladiators" revival, sources say. In addition to his experience as a physical performer during his years with the World Wrestling Federation, Hogan has proved he can draw viewers with sheer force of personality in his successful VH1 reality series "Hogan Knows Best."

We're truly excited to see what Silverman comes up with next as he slowly transforms NBC into a supernetwork comprised of all his favorite programs and personalities of his TV-obsessed youth. With nothing more to guide him than his impeccable taste in pre-proven concepts and a Magic 8-Ball custom-painted with the striking likeness of legendary programmer Brandon Tartikoff, by next fall we could easily be enjoying an updated Silver Spoons starring Zac Efron, an A-Team in which mercenary Gulf War veterans criss-cross America in a flying van to fight on behalf of the weak and powerless, or, in the most unorthodox of his scheduling masterstrokes, completely unaltered, nightly primetime reruns of We Got It Made.