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New York Sun art critic Lee Siegel is also in love with the young art stars of Paper Monument, the most important art journal of our time! He likes them because they are unafraid of our horrible world, in which there are "new, and unanswerable, questions about the status of art at a time when the borders of truth seem to be blurring in art and life—from James Frey to Jayson Blair to lonelygirl15; when the mind-bogglingly accelerated technology of entertainment often leaves the imagination stunned and passive; when the passive imagination is giving way to the assertive ego, which has to get involved in every artistic occasion that comes its way—from popular to high—as voter, mash-up artist, or garrulously commenting blogger." (Yow, that's a sentence!) So! It's the pain and speed of this modern age (and its apparently "unanswerable" questions!) that drove him to become his own anonymous internet-commenting blog-fan sockpuppet. Now we get it!

Writing With The Big Boys [NY Sun]