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Another rabid Apple fanboy has put down his Jonathan Ive-designed pom-poms. His complaints? Wholly predictable and tiresome. He's upset over a software update which can disable iPhones and prevent third-party applications from running. Actually, the "goodbye cruel world" post has some pretty good analysis on the whole situation, though it's a little — ok, a lot — heavy on the melodrama. His rant about Apple CEO Steve Jobs, after the jump.

This is not good economics and it isn't good marketing. It is the ravings of a brilliant, talented and apparently completely delusional man. He tried this with the Mac, and thankfully failed. Unfortunately there was no one there to tell him how short sighted he was being this time.

Watch out Steve. If 22,000,000 more Mac users feel the same way, you might actually be in trouble. Until then though, this is just another mad ex-girlfriend. (Photo by Daniel Shaw-Cosman)