"I believe I am an early-stage Fameball, and nothing I do or say will change my trajectory. I will attempt to use this to my advantage," Vimeo founder and Star Editor At Large Julia Allison doinker Jakob Lodwick has been quoted as saying. Upon hearing Jakob's self-analysis, our first response was: "we want to quit our jobs." After all, writing about how obnoxious it is that Jakob has declared the process of his fame-accumulation unavoidable is, inescapably, part of the problem. After all, Jakob defines the fameball phenomenon as "individuals whose fame snowballs because journalists cover what they think other people want them to cover." But all that doesn't necessarily mean that Jakob is right.

After all, there are plenty of things he could to that would change his trajectory! For example, he could quit blogging. He could quit dating Julia Allison. He could quit blogging about dating Julia Allison. Those are three things!

But doing all those things is just part and parcel of Jakob continuing to be his terrible self. So he probably will continue snowballing! Or maybe not. We talked about this a lot over here. One of us thought this: "Jakob has *NO IDEA* what he's talking about. Once he hits 30, he'll notice all the missing seats in the front row of fame, conspicuously not occupied by all his fameball cohorts."

Jakob's having a moment, a moment he'll be unable to sustain for much longer unless he takes things to the next level by, say, dumping Julia for Heidi Montag and marrying her on live TV.

But whatever. He'll probably still be rich, though. And maybe he'll make yet more money off this whole "fameball" concept. It's at least as punchy as "The Long Tail" or "The Tipping Point," right?