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The rare olive branch in the ongoing Charlie Sheen-Denise Richards divorce came in an e-mail dated Aug. 24, when, according to court documents, Sheen apologized for a wide array of regrettable remarks he made about his ex-wife and her family, including "a comment about your poor Mom," "your abilities as a mother," and "my pigheaded assertion that you pressed the button that detonated the second tower." Fox411 has revisited the papers to find what, exactly, was contained in those enraged correspondences he so desperately wishes he could unsend:

On Aug. 22, Sheen wrote to the mother of his children: "You are a pig. A sad, jobless pig who is sad and talentless and, um, oh yeah, sad and jobless and evil and a bad mom, so go [expletive] yourself, sad, jobless pig."

That's not all. In other e-mails, Sheen ridicules Richards' mother, who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. "Go cry to your bald mom, you [expletive] loser," Sheen writes. [...]

[Nanny Diana Alvarez] swears in her declaration that she received this text message from Sheen: "The girls won't remember you or even care about you. You couldn't have done worse if you tried. Thank God they'll no longer be exposed to someone SO WEAK. Go have a kid of your own. Maybe that way you'll stop ... confusing the fake kids for a real one. Oh, but that might take some guts. Something you so obviously lack with hopeless vacuity."

Sheen's Baldwinian language seems almost unfathomably callous; but as divorce survivors can attest, a contentious split can cause both parties to do and say things that are completely of character. It's only when pointing out one's former spouse's loser qualities no longer holds the thrill that it once did that they may find themselves going after peripheral targets, like cancer-suffering mothers-in-law and child-coveting housekeepers.