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Hoping to put CompletelyImmaterialGate behind them and soothe the concerns of certain underappreciated national treasures who may feel that their parent studio has been selfishly claiming credit for his successes, Paramount has announced that it will start reporting the box office generated by Steven Spielberg's company under a newly created "DreamWorks-Paramount" label.

But after all the bad blood generated by a very public spat, the gesture may not be dramatic enough to soothe the directing deity's damaged feelings enough to salvage the partnership that's been so lucrative for Paramount, leading the Melrose lot's emperor to undertake an even humbler expression of his appreciation of the DW team's contributions, announcing the immediate establishment of the "Thank You, Steven Spielberg, For Making The High-Grossing DreamWorks Filmed Entertainments That Allow Me To Keep My Job, Love, Brad Grey" banner in tomorrow's trades.