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All-male porn peddler Titan Media has sued to shut down an "online gay porn piracy ring." Titan is suing 22 defendants working on a half-dozen blogs. In this arena, for a change, the porn world is behind the curve, not on the cutting edge of tech. While the RIAA and MPAA have huge budgets and companies like MediaDefender and BayTSP to do their antipiracy dirty work, those companies don't "want to be known in the porn space," according to the CEO of BayTSP. As a result, sex sites must do their own dirty work.

We can't wait to see save-the-children-type public service announcements before our porn starts, begging watchers not to pirate the videos like the ridiculous ones we see now before movies showcasing all the people "behind-the-scenes" like gaffers and script editors and the like.

Dear readers, remember: don't pirate pornography. Please, think of the fluffers.

(Photo by Boss Tweed)