Former Seventeen editor Atoosa Rubenstein "said she is not thinking about business, only 'play,'" with her new web venture, a series of videos that debut on YouTube today. "But business is hardly on the back burner. She is seeking investors (although for now she is self-financed)." That stunning piece of news is one of many contained in Times trendtard Stephanie Rosenbloom's Style profile of the 'Toos today.

Another: guess what, the 'Toos was not fired from or forced out of her role as Seventeen editor in chief!

"I think there was this perception that nobody leaves that kind of job... And for me I left because I realized that I was stepping farther and farther away from the journey that was meaningful to me." You know, just in case you weren't paying attention any of the other twelve million times she's said that.

Anyway, viral videos on the Interweb are the future! The 'Toos thinks that advertisers will queue up to go alongside her YouTube musings on fame, inspired by Andy Warhol, or her thoughts on fashion trends. And, well, why wouldn't they want to be a part of the 'Toos's brand! For instance, this video about how she is obsessed with drag queens because all of the real girls whose style we've been "totally worshipping" are "self-destructing!" Enter the drag queen: "The right one's gonna come along and we're all gonna totally fall in love with her." She is so witty and self-deprecating.