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Mediabistro, the little $23-million media company that could, is turning 10! So they're throwing themselves a party tonight, with a special extra: The Golden Boa Awards, which recognizes 10 media stars from "from within the 10 verticals that serves," according to the press release. Mmm, verticals. Each lucky honoree will go home tonight with an actual bronzed feather boa—provided, that is, that they show up—in honor of nutty genius and former owner and for-now senior vice president Laurel Touby. But which of these 10 "media stars" might you see if you crash?

We checked around to make sure it wouldn't be a total flop, and it turns out that a good chunk of the Golden Boa Ten are actually planning to attend!

That does not include Harper Collins CEO Jane Friedman, who had no idea what the hell we were talking about when we called. (Hey, she's busy.) New York Times Washington bureau chief Dean Baquet will also not make it.

But! It does include NPR cutie Adam Davidson, Craig's List non-hermit Craig Newmark, New York mag editrix Adam Moss, uberpublicst Ken Sunshine and designer and art director Luke Hayman, who all said they would attend.

And what about Stephen Colbert? Doesn't he go to everything? He must spend a lot of money on sitters.

We hope the winnders are also planning on bringing dollies of some kind, because we just really can't see Craig Newmark staggering home on the crosstown bus with a bronzed accessory under his arm. Adam Moss—well, he's used to that kind of thing.