If ever you wanted a sign of how neglected Valleywag is at our publisher's New York headquarters, look no further than the new Gawker channel on lifecaster Justin.tv. Clearly, no one at Gawker reads Valleywag. They're set to learn the hard way how pointless lifecasting is. There are, at present, a grand total of 100 people watching what has to be one of the most mundane and boring forms of entertainment ever created — a live webcam feed from Gawker HQ. Wow. Look at all the dirty, unshaven bloggers. It's like some sort of deranged petting zoo. All this is doing is stroking head honcho Nick Denton's already overblown ego — with the unfortunate side effect of promoting streaming video as the next big Internet phenom, which it clearly is not. Quit your gawking and move on.