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As Britney Spears waves goodbye to happier days of electively supervised visits with her children to the harsh new reality of court-ordered supervised visits, we offer by way of support a round-up of sympathetic celebrity sentiments from around the web:
· Tatum O'Neal advises that Spears "needs to think she needs some help; no one can tell her. She can get better ... but it's going to be hard, and she'll do it publicly, and that sucks," before looking directly into the camera and letting the singer know that if she needs someone to blame, her father Ryan is always available. [ETOnline]
· Syndicated fulfillment guru Mr. Phil addressed the topic on today's episode, saying the singer suffers from a "toxic brain," that mom Lynn Spears is a "solid asset," and if the two would be willing to have 24-hour surveillance cameras placed in their homes, he'd be more than happy to offer his therapy services in front of a national audience gratis. [OK!]

· $30-mil-a-yearer Judge Judy not surprisingly had some tough-loving words for Spears, and for K-Fed too, feeling like this is a wonderful opportunity for the aspiring rapper to rise to the child-rearing occasion, while adopting more age-appropriate hat-orientation techniques. [The Insider]
· Sinead O'Connor stopped by The Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about bipolar disorder and Britney today, the product of God pulling two names out of a hat during a game of Celebrity and forcing them to discuss a third randomly chosen name on TV. (Sinead warned of the consequences of criticizing a young mother.) [CNN]
· Rosie O'Donnell had no comment, but Roseanne Barr thinks she needs a mom and vowed to give Britney a call. [TMZ]