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At least Microsoft owns up to its inferiority. Early next week a band of dejected Microserfs from across the company, from chief software architect Ray Ozzie on down, are meeting to discuss the company's floundering Web services like Windows Live Search and Hotmail. During the two-day powwow, they'll be discussing strategy and trying to figure out how to get Google addicts excited about the Microsoft's Live offerings. To help fuel discussion, Larry Hyrb, director of Xbox Live programming and official videogame-community spokesperson (who posts under the alias Major Nelson) asks Xbox users, "What do you think we don't get? I know Google may be better in some areas, but what makes them better? What makes us not as good?" I'm sure the minds at the Googleplex are resting easy to learn that Microsoft is still trying to figure out how to even copy Google well, let alone out-innovate it.