Glaring Omissions reproduces tips received from readers in the last week that weren't covered on Gawker, either by accident (it happens!) or by design (it happens more often).

  • To: Perez Hilton. Cc: Gawker: "WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU FUCKED???? PEZHEAD, 1999?"
  • "I really don't do this at all, but I saw this child who is so scared and full of hope on t.v. to night. I see a girl who is being pulled in all different ways who changes her looks to please who it is she's trying to impress the day before or the day she gets up. Lindsay you have to please your self first be happy with you? get to know your self frist.all the people who you hang around are just their to see there self's in your have your hole life a head of you but you seam to be on a road of self destrouction .you cant live your mothers life for her, i have been there Mom said she gave up all she wanted to make sure i had the best, that she when threw a lot just to have me. Lindsay we did not ask to be born. can't change who we are but we can change our ways and stop hanging with trashy people. God says greater is he that's in me than he that's in this world.the bible is your basic instructions before leaving earth.laugh if you want but you need to find a sprit of God in you life be for the world takes your life a way. i see teens like you all the time in drugs alcohol and sex with who ever. there parents don't care or they have there own life's or there parents live in a 2nd child hood threw the child. trying to out smoke the child out drink the child or see how many boy friends or girl friends the parent can still. if your parents really love you they protect you from things that will destroy you not give the bad things to you. a good friend stops you from hurting your self so does a good parent. never saw any thing you have ever did in moves or any thing else just saw your eyeson t.v. so sad and looking for salvation. God is it so any time you need friends and would like to feel a high that is from God call freedomworship center in the small town of Gastonia n, c. it on oak hollow road in Gastonia off of new hope road. see God even gave you some NEW HOPE! get it look at the name."
  • "Is that jared kushner in the toyota camry ad I just saw?"
  • "It occurred to me that Christianity was used as a bullshit get out of jail free card by those intent on harming others, but claiming to be working for a higher power, when in fact most that I have met are nothing more than carrying on their own devious revenge for the dissatisfaction with life, the eternal existentialistic question, so acting like the gods they pretend to worship to gain mass favor, they seek to be forces of nature.
  • Many groups use religion as a weapon although few actually believe in the theology. Many religions use angels and demons who ultimately belong to the same team, like an offense and defense similar to the tactic of good cop-bad cop in order to manipulate others, show the faiths strength or the ultimate goal in most religion seize power and make money. The church may forgive you but the demons from a similar sect will haunt you in order to prove a lack of vulnerability and God's principal of infallibility. The premise of being like God, infallible often supersedes the worship of the deity, there are many deities within the religion of Christianity, and if the U.S has its way of setting precedence with democracy, the seat of God will become an elected position.
  • My rumor started many years ago after being tormented my members of the mafia, the demon wing of the Catholic religion, playing on the same team as well fed evil henchmen. Catholics are not alone in their use of good and evil dining from the same trough, in fact, all religions have their henchmen who do the dirty work. My point was to show how Christianity, offering forgiveness by simply divulging to truth and exposing oneself to the evil henchmen although absolution is supposedly granted and the fact the sometimes by not prosecuting a criminal or alleged criminal, the outcome can be worse than the trial and possible punishment. My idea came from a film with Kevin Spacey playing a death penalty proponent who tricked everyone into thinking he murdered someone, sacrificing his life for the cause. I am not
    that noble, I just wanted to prove a point. In my opinion the best case scenario for my experiment would have been to be charged with a high profile crime that I falsely admitted to committing, in fact the worst thing I ever did was juvenile delinquency, minor marijuana infractions and driving under the influence, supposedly. The crimes I slightly admitted to were murder, espionage, rape, being a drug lord, and I carefully flirted with being affiliated with Arabs who might be construed as enemy combatants, but in actuality I was attempting to generate a campaign for a Nobel Peace Prize through discussion and the enlightenment of atrocities of human rights, something that happened to me while being tortured and sequestered for no reason and while being charged with no crime.
  • So, I am admitting and my theorem was proven that confession is simply a way for the church to get inside of your head and make your punishment more direct and seemingly omnipotent. And there are worse things than being accused of a crime. In the US justice system, the some play good cop while the some do the dirty work and prosecute those that deviate from the law, or admit to things they never did. Like any scientist it takes years of trial and error, like looking at an X-Ray to see what lies beneath the skin of the religious affiliation or the judicial system. And by allowing the demons or the women to extract revenge and balance the equation, the Angels and the men stay clean and can scoff at the notions of injustice
    that are the foundations of society. I learned that men and the church are not racist or gender biased they just do not want to lose their weapons while trying to keep a strangle hold on the building or development of current empires.
  • The separation of Church and state is a brilliant premise because it keeps each others hands clean of involvement and allows for the revenge factor. I often wonder when I watch people kneel in church and pray whether they are concerned for their own spiritual well being or are they praying for retribution and revenge upon someone who has done them wrong.
  • So instead of a fat lawsuit for being accused and persecuted for something that I never did, I am perusing the options for balancing an equation so heavily weighted that the outcome is astronomical in dimension."
  • Yeah, that occurred to us too.