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In today's episode: Barbra Streisand; Owen Wilson; Jake Gyllenhaal; Patrick Dempsey and David Faustino; Ryan Reynolds; JJ Abrams; Kirstie Alley; Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, Christina Aguilera, Fabrizio Moretti, Samantha Ronson, Robbie Williams, Nikka Costa, and Alex Greenwald; T.R. Knight; Jeffrey Katzenberg and Scary Spice; Bruce Jenner and Nigel Barker; Robbie Williams and Lauren Sanchez

· This afternoon (Oct 2) at about 3:30p, Barbara Streisand was rolling through a four way stop in Beverly Hills by the Post Office on Maple. She sped through the intersection in her black Cayenne Turbo almost clipping a pedestrian. Nice!

· 10/4 @ Kate Mantilini in Beverly Hills. Owen Wilson. He was wearing a grey suit and looked GREAT (very attractive in person). The Darjeeling Limited premiere was like a block away so I'm guessing he was waiting for all the cameras to leave before he met up with his crew. He was solo, and must have been sitting at a nearby booth when we walked in. We noticed him as he passed by our table on his way out. He seemed to be in good spirits and nobody made a fuss about him.

· Today (Oct 2) I was at Ivy eating lunch. To my surprise, I saw Jake Gyllenhaal eating lunch with a VERY attractive young man in his early twenties. The two were laughing seemed to be having a great time. Jake was wearing black sunglasses, destroyed blue jeans, and a grey cashmere like sweater. As they were leaving Jake said to him," I will be by tonight to pick that stuff up" and the guy just smiled and said," Ok, I will be there" They seemed VERY cozy together and it was obvious there is something between them

· Weds October 3rd, a 2fer...First, get off the 405 on my way to work to gas up, next to me in a black porsche with bright orange wheels...pumping his own gas is Mc Dreamy himself Patrick Dempsey. He looked sexy in a tweed cap and brown leather jacket. Around 1pm on my lunch break in the Val I was driving on Moorpark near Laurel and saw all these hipsters exiting a church and I thought to myself "AA meeting just got out!" waiting to cross the street was Bud from "Married with Children" David Faustino.

· So, it's like this....Thursday night...

I was skipping out of Home Depot on Sunset Blvd. with Poppies and Pansies in my hot little hands. I spy parked at the front aisle of the parking lot was a handsome blonde man sitting on his big ol motor of those fabu Euro ones with the handle bars way down low and close together (so you have to bend way over to drive the bloody thing) Oh! I digress!!! Anyway, I was kinda checking out the bike when I hear his voice (he was on his phone) "Like, I knew I was going to be late"....Nothing really, but what really got me was the Lilt that was coming out of that mouth!!! I thought.. OH MY! what is that "girl" doing on a bike like that?! I quickly zeroed in on his face and am 99% sure it was Ryan Reynolds!!! I had no idea how to handle that...So I clutched the Pearls and ran to my car. On the way out I decided to give him a good look over to see what he would do...He noticed I was looking and then did that weird ...Yes, I am famous look and did a twist and turn pretzel bend cell phone cover up! Anyway, that made my boring life a little bit more exciting for 5 minutes.

· Wednesday, 10/3

Pretty sure that JJ Abrams was in the car next to me during rush hour on Melrose, between 6:15 and 6:30. He was in a black Prius and talking on his phone the entire time. I just stared at him, willing him to get off the phone so I could yell through my window about how much I love Alias and Lost. The man begat LOST! Or helped to begat it. Whatever. Anyway, he had the same type of glasses on that JJ always wears, except they were sunglasses (or those ones that darken in sunlight). It's quite possible that out of all of the celebrities I've seen in LA, this was the most exciting, because I am a dork.

· Saw Kirstie Alley at Mayfair Market (Bronson/Franklin) on Saturday in her classic housedress ensemble. Couldn't tell if she was buying Jenny Craig, but girlfriend is tall.

· schmorgasborg of celebs tonight (Oct. 4) at the el rey for mark ronson. robbie williams was a guest star along with nikka costa and singer of phantom planet (Alex Greenwald) and some other people i didn't know. christina aguilera and her hubby were up in the balcony along with carmen electra, fabrizio moretti from the strokes, celeb-by-association samantha ronson, nicole richie and joel madden. other people i recognized too but don't know their names. it was kind of a crazy night. the paparazzi almost made nicole fall as she was walking to her car at the end of the night.

· Sunday 9/30 Everyone's favorite 'f-word' T.R. Knight and a passel of hipster types sat at the end of the bar inside at the Cat & Fiddle. He was pretty dorky looking in a blue polo with particularly poofy hair. It didn't seem like he was 'with' any of the 6 or so guys that surrounded him (though some were clearly 'with' each other). He seemed kind of bored with them, like I didn't notice him smile once during the hour or so that our stays overlapped. And I would have noticed because I was staring...he's so generic looking, I had to be sure it was him!

· I had dinner at Madeo's last night (Oct. 4) and ran into Katzenberg (Sr.) and Scary Spice—not together.

· 9-26-07: While waiting for our flight to NYC I spotted the parental unit that gave us Brody Jenner, Bruce Jenner. He was using all his Olympic skills to make his plane on time. On our return flight back to LAX ( 10-3-07) we had none other the ( insert Tyra voice here) 'noted fashion photographer, Nigel Barker' the good looking judge from America's Next Top Model.. Let me just tell you, that man is beautiful in person. After a 6 hour flight his skin was down right dewy. He looked refreshed and relaxed while the rest of us look like crumpled messes. And boy is that man TALL!! Very Tall!!

· 10/2—My friend and I were making our way down the fire road in Runyon Canyon and spotted Robbie Williams with a posse. Some of them were wearing what looked to be matching tracksuits, including Robbie. Saw him again as we were going back up. We asked each other, "Why does he have an entourage at Runyon?" Seriously, he's not that famous here. My one European friend is in love with him, but to most people, he seems to be, "Oh, It's That Guy." Eh well. He's taller than expected and looks pretty solid—not a skinny, metro boy, but decidedly manly. Kinda makes him hotter, to be honest.

· Saw Lauren Sanchez in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. She was wearing a very beautiful purple dress (which is why I noticed — it was the cutest dress) with her very apparent baby bump. While I think she looks strange on TV, she is quite beautiful in person but part midget. She is so tiny I honestly couldn't believe it was really her.