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An ex-Glamourite fills in the blanks for us regarding former beauty editor and blogger Ashley Baker, whose "racist" hair statements seem to have made it not possible for her to keep her job. Ashley's straightforward writing and weight-honesty may have been honorable, but those assets don't seem to have engendered her fellow employees' loyalty.

She knew everyone hated her and almost quit to work at Bazaar a few months ago, but apparently at the time, she was still [Glamour editor] Cindi [Leive's] "pet" so they gave her all this $$$ to stay, and she stayed reluctantly, but became even more bitter and bitchy and burned a lot of bridges (ahem) and after Cindi started to hate her too, she knew it was just time. Cindi still really liked her up until [the American Lawyer scandale]. They were very close—Cindi would defend her to everyone who hated her, so all she really had was Cindi and when Cindi turned on her, her life was over there. She's the only one at Glamour who 'goes out' so they think she's cool and connected. But she's really not. At all. Karma is a bitch - she's such a cunt.

Um, as opposed to the person who said this, who is clearly a little ray of sunshine!