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Second acts are hard, and who knows the cruelty of aging out of a profession better than a model? The day eventually comes when each fashion industry worker must ask himself, what color is my parachute? Some will answer: It is steel-colored! But "slashing" as a career, as one ex-model has just discovered, doesn't pay that well—and it upsets the tabloids.

The Daily News gives the context to Saturday's psycho-slashing by ex-model Lee Coleman at the Texas Smokehouse on 2nd Avenue and 35th Street. "With the attack, Coleman joined a laundry list of violent, mentally ill men who have terrorized New Yorkers. Usually, the ill serve as a minor discomfort to the public. Now and then, the dangerous among them snap, leaving a trail of blood and fear in their paths, one expert said." Good job, expert. The paper goes the extra mile, with a stirring editorial that begs the city to stop the (literal) insanity.

True though: Historically, it has been the models who are the ones getting slashed! What a brave new era of opportunity.