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The New York Times has done away with its for-pay pages, realizing the folly of trying to charge for online content. But it still insists, to the annoyance of many Internet users, on requiring registration. BugMeNot has long helped users bypass such measures by storing a database of disposable usernames and passwords. (And a good thing, too; annoying registration requirements just lead users to falsify the information they're forced to share.) Fearing the wrath of media websites, which use registration data to target ads, BugMeNot's creator has long sheltered in anonymity. Now, at last, he's stepped forward. The 29-year-old Guy King created the site after getting fed up with demographic-seeking inquiries from the likes of and YouTube. So why did King out himself? For the lone purpose of promoting his new company Stateless Systems and website RetailMeNot — a coupon repository. Time may be money, but given the choice, I'd rather keep BugMeNot.