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Denise Lefrak "We Built This Lefrak City On Rock 'N' Roll" Calicchio, also a former Sotheby's broker, explains the current "trend" of buying extremely expensive apartments and spending years remodeling them and also buying $30,000 couches with this awesomeness: "This trend is not going to go away because there are so many people who want these apartments. There's the new rich and there's the old rich. There's the poor rich and the rich rich." This is from a great article which is especially priceless because each rich person gets to talk about how much they donate to charity when they're not buying $30,000 couches. Well sure y'all do, darlings! Gotta offset that travesty of a tax burden somehow! Also: a couch that costs $30,000! Do want!

$6 Million for the Co-op, Then Start to Renovate [NYT]