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Actor Tom Sizemore, currently carrying out a jail sentence for having violated the terms of his parole after pleading no contest to tweaking outside a Bakersfield Sheraton, is due for release next month, at which point under the state's stringent "Three Strikes and You're Seriously Fucked, Sizemore" law, another arrest would put him behind bars for four years. That sobering fact is more than enough deterrent to straighten up for good, Sizemore told the Bakersfield Californian:

"I'm not trading my whole life for some powder," Sizemore said in Lerdo Jail on Thursday afternoon.

Sizemore was sentenced Wednesday to undergo treatment in Proposition 36, a drug therapy program.

"God's trying to tell me he doesn't want me using drugs because every time I use them I get caught," Sizemore said.

Luckily for Sizemore—who insists his head of white hair was the result of a peroxide job gone bad, and not the harsh reality of life behind bars—the judge was willing to look past his Whizzinator-based transgressions and give the actor a second shot at redemption. Hopefully, he'll take full advantage of it, and we won't see the ugly scenario in which two plain-clothes officers are waiting for him at the entrance to the Bakersfield Target after a suspicious employee called in a sighting of a "pink-haired old dude" who "complained of severe hay-fever and a big remodeling job" who just bought out the remainder of their Sudafed and turpentine stock.