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Globe-trotting taker of conclusions from anecdotes (and New York Times columnist) Thomas Friedman has been to some (four) college campuses! There he has seen that the kids of today are doing the good work, that they travel the world building hospitals abroad and snuggling babies with AIDS and just generally building a wonderful future—"in record numbers," whatever numbers those might be. None of these colleges were in New York, by the way—you selfish, future-hating children of N.Y.U.! This trip comforted him: "One of the things I feared most after 9/11—that my daughters would not be able to travel the world with the same carefree attitude my wife and I did at their age—has not come to pass." You know, funny, that did not even rate on my list of greatest fears after 9/11! Was more worried about the smoke getting in the windows through the wet towels, and the Team America world war that followed, but yeah, carefree attitudes for tourists sounds nice too.

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