Truth be told, the contents of Jennifer Lopez's uterus don't particularly interest us, though we do harbor a suspicion that she's been parading around with a false, early-term baby-bump in which she stores a self-authored script for prospective comeback vehicle Enough II: Never Enough and the ostentatious engagement ring she received at the height of the Bennifer craze, hoping that the conspicuous bulge might revive some interest in her career.

But we did find it sort of cute that David Letterman, whose thirst for celebrity blood was clearly sated by his recent Paris Hilton feeding, made a token attempt at inducing a premature pregnancy announcement on his show. The savvy Lopez, of course, didn't fall into Letterman's trap, knowing that her remaining fans would be disappointed if they didn't get to hear the officially sanctioned reproductive news for the first time while idling in the checkout aisle at Ralphs, from whatever celebrity weekly agrees to supplement their cover story with a promotional CD of the first single from her just-dropped album.