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Who says todays kids aren't politically motivated? Demonstrations and protests are growing across American campuses. Today's youth feel a need to do something. And that something, of course is ... protest our involvement in Iraq? Peace for Myanmar? The environment? Don't be silly — today's college students are up in arms over their "right" to free music.

As Zachary McCune, a sophomore at Brown University, once a hotbed for student anti-war protests in the Vietnam era, puts it:

People wonder why college students aren't rallying more around the Iraq war," Mr. McCune said. "If there were a draft, we probably would be. Students are so quick to fight for this cause because we're the ones bearing the burden.

Bearing the burden? Today's kids need to experience some real burdens.

Ah, that's an idea for NBC Universal chief Jeff Zucker, the industry's most notable anti-piracy whiner! Rather than enlist the entire government to fight copyright, use a government draft to enlist college students to fight the war in Iraq! I suspect file sharing would no longer be today's college kids' most pressing political issue. And then, better yet, Zucker could make a reality show out of it. (Photo by Thomas Good)