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Welcome aboard, we're happy to have you as part of our corporate family. Before you start, you have to run through our compulsory orientation — take a full tour of the campus, fill out some paperwork. What's that? Oh, there's no schedule. Just log into our virtual world. It's a complete recreation of our campus, so feel free to explore all the nooks. We wouldn't want you getting lost your first day on the job. If you get stuck, your virtual HR rep can chat you through the process.

This is the nightmare version of employee orientation unveiled today by Multiverse, a company providing tools for virtual-world designers. Once touted as a tool for transforming users' lives, virtual worlds like Second Life can now serve as fancy, bug-prone substitutes for the Polycom speaker in a conference room. Congratulations, Multiverse: You have, improbably, made virtual words even more boring.