On the Howard Stern show yesterday, Donald Trump noted that, according to a listener, his daughter "Ivanka was dating a 'very rich guy—not as rich as me, but a very rich guy' from a 'real estate family.'" Translation: That is basically a blessing from the goyim for New York Observer publisher Jared Kushner! ("Rich"="good.") Anyway, that's exactly the kind of Trumpism that we imagine gets the hackles up on Jared's daddy, New Jersey kingpin (and good pal of gay American Jim McGreevey) Charles Kushner. But hey, the real estate union of Jersey Jared and Manhattan Ivanka is good for everyone for now—just like an arranged marriage between little empires! Though we still don't think it's remotely possible that Jared will ever marry the shiksa. Prove us wrong, you adorable lovebirds! We want to believe.