Howard K. Stern dropped by Larry King Live last night, his first time swinging at the fossilized CNN inquisitor's legendary softballs since he appeared shortly after Daniel Smith's death to assure the world he was indeed Dannielynn's father. (He now explains that minor oversight away to some confusion over ovulation schedules and Anna Nicole hand-off times.)

A full transcript of Larry's penetrating interview is at ("KING: Is the book in the main lies? STERN: The book? KING: Yeah. [...] STERN: Totally false. Totally false. [...] KING: You have to say, then, you were whacked out, totally shocked by this? STERN: Absolutely, absolutely..."). But to fully grasp the scope of the injustices and tragedies suffered over the past year by the deceased starlet's creepy, ever-present lawyer-companion, we suggest you watch the clip above, asking yourself all along, "Is this the face of a guy who would engage in compromising, intimate relations for the cameras with his own babydaddy-in-law?"