While we've already paid one visit today to Kid Nation—by way of some exclusive Junior Miss cheesecake glamour shots of Taylor, or "Queen of the Yellow Hankies" as she insists her disciples refer to her— we thought we'd return once again to the outhouse-deficient Shangri-La, this time with clip in tow. In last night's stunning turn of events, the citizens of Bonanza City were again offered a choice as steeped in moral implication as the TVs vs. Poop-Shacks vote of the debut episode.

Would they choose a miniature golf course, and all the windmill-spinning frivolity that implies, or a library stocked exclusively with sacred religious texts? Considering the amount of root-beer drunks that populate the frontier town, we think the number of arms that shoot up in the air for the latter option might very well surprise you—less so, perhaps, when you realize that a Nation producer was just out of camera range, administering painful electric shocks through the computerized surveillance chips surgically implanted into every contestant's spine before shooting began.