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VIENNA, VA. — How do you now you're fired at an Internet company? When your biography's removed from the website. AOL's Lance Miyamoto, head of HR, has left the building. As a Valleywag tipster first told us and Silicon Alley Insider confirms, Miyamoto is the executive who's quitting in protest of new week's layoffs. (We had guessed, incorrectly, that it might be Kevin Conroy or BIll Wilson.) The question, though: Were AOL CEO Randy Falco and COO Ron Grant so furious over leaks that they fired him? Or was he allowed, nevertheless, to resign?

Whatever the case, we salute you, Lance. Most human-resources chiefs are faceless bureaucrats content to implement whatever hiring or firing plans are handed to them. By standing up both your overworked team of HR workers, who are struggling just to put together severance packages for all of AOL's planned firings, as well as all for all of AOL's employees, you've made yourself a hero.