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If you're an entrepreneur, you probably don't care what Rupert Murdoch has to say about MySpace's rivalry with Facebook at the upcoming Web 2.0 Summit. (Short version: Bitches just jealous.) You're there looking to hook up with clients, investors, or journalists. And that doesn't happen during panel sessions or keynotes, does it? "The sessions at technology conferences are often like plots in porn films," technology consultant Ben Metcalfe told the San Francisco Chronicle. "It's required for the context, but it's not really what you paid for." Metcalfe is a "lobbyconner," as these deep-thinking, shallow-pocketed startup types call themselves. They refuse to pay conference fees which run to the thousands of dollars but still covet the schmoozing, which can be had for free. And heck, they're probably the ones you want to talk to. The ablity to do simple math is a nice thing to have in a business partner.