As some of you might know, I am returning to New York from Washington, DC, where I've spent the last year-and-a-half not leaving my apartment. I turned to this insightful interview with former Washington Post columnist Lloyd Grove—who made a similar move in 2003—for advice on what to expect upon my arrival. Because New York is different, in so many ways. It's bigger, and it has Donald Trump! And people are always trying to give you things, like booze and clothes and the Gawker book.

Newsmax's Ronald Kressler summarizes a few more important distinctions:

  • In New York, people throw parties for reasons! "Events in New York are often organized to promote a movie or a product like Donald Trump's vodka."
  • Washington is small! "In Washington, you see the same people."
  • New York is big but you still see the same people! "Donald Trump was omnipresent."

So much catching up to do. I haven't had even a sip of Trump vodka!

ALSO in New York you're much less likely to cap off a career in "legitimate" journalism by writing for something like Newsmax, which is basically the website version of those insane anti-Hillary chain emails your aunt forwards you.

Instead, you end up at Portfolio. Which, from what I understand (I'm new!), is like the fancy, glossy version of those pictures of dogs dressed in Halloween costumes that your mom forwards you?

Lloyd Grove and New York's Culture of Swag [Newsmax]