Reports are filtering in that Air America host Randi Rhodes was severely beaten Monday night while walking her dog on 39th and Park. "Rhodes was beaten up pretty badly, losing several teeth and will probably be off the air for at least the rest of the week," writes Talking Radio. Air America, when reached for comment on the listener call-in line, said, "We don't want to feed the inaccurate rumor mill. Also, we don't know." Though the attacks haven't been reported elsewhere, Rhodes' website does mention that she isn't feeling well and has gone as far as creating a little church sign to that effect. Sam Seder is filling in for her. Murky!

The factual opacity didn't stop Air America Late Night host Jon Elliot asked these pointed rhetorical questions (always the best kind to ask in the wake of an assault!) concerning the attack: ""Is this an attempt by the right wing hate machine to silence one of our own? Are we threatening them? Are they afraid that we're winning? Are they trying to silence and intimidate us?"

Comments on the blog ranged from MaxPower's "Tragic!!! Is the dog okay?" to the more politically engaged, "Maybe if she were armed it wouldn't have come to this. Remember people, police provide justice but they can't protect you."
Oh Talk Radio fans! You are all so insane!