So this nutty hippie lady maybe fell in love with John Edwards and they maybe had an affair and then John Edwards' definitely hired her to do some work for his campaign despite her lack of qualifications and then they erased all traces of the work and then a year went by and then the Huffington Post and the National Enquirer both sorta ran with a sex scandal story and then everyone involved denied it. You caught up? Good! Radar wants to know why no "legitimate" news outlets are covering it. Good question! Slate blogger Mickey Kaus has sure enjoyed himself with it! But Edwards is so damn nice and so clean cut and lovable and his wife has cancer and maybe everyone just doesn't want to believe it? Or else maybe his campaign has proven so inept at matching Obama and Hillary in fundraising and polls that no one sees any point in piling on with a story that is so far mostly innuendo and maybe some DAMNING EMAILS from a demonstrably crazy lady.

John Edwards' Secret Affair with MSM [Radar]