The on-again-off-again magazine Radar recently put out an issue. Surprising, we know! But there was more. The cover featured Rudy Giuliani, Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama au natural in an homage to Vanity Fair's Tom Ford cover. Some of the ladies on 'The View' were offended. Others weren't. At one point Ms. Behar appeared to read from Sherri Shepherd's cue card. "Rudy looks like a pimp, Hillary looks like a ho and Barack is on the DL," she said, looking as if she had learned the line phonetically. A more accurate limn might be that Rudy is the well-dressed gay one, Hillary has the ability to rebound from clunkers (Domino, Healthcare plan) and Barack is the ingenue. But, of course, that would rob Behar of the Judith Butlerian thrill of appropriating the patois of sexual and racial minorities. That is fierce!