The Rutgers women's basketball team doesn't care if sad old coot Don Imus returns to the radio. Al Sharpton doesn't really care either (though he will be "monitoring"). So far, the people who seem to care about Don Imus' multi-million dollar WABC deal are the guy he'll be bumping to late morning and Joe Scarborough, professional carer-about-things (and the guy at Imus' old timeslot on MSNBC).

No one really knows if anyone will syndicate the show, or if advertisers will be nervous, or if he'll get anywhere near the caliber of guests he used to. Maybe he can answer some of these questions during his heart-to-heart with Barbara Walters? Or announce that he's moving to Arizona to have Tim Hasselbeck's baby or something?

But according to Jeff Bervovici, Imus will "silence the doubters." Because even though his ratings have been falling, he still has enough fans to bug the hell out of anyone who writes about him on the internet (just like Ron Paul). Or at least enough fans to convince Bercovici to change his description of Imus as "a wee bit racist" to just "racially insensitive."

But Imus might get himself a black sidekick and then nothing he says could ever be called racist again. Possible candidates:

  • Kevin Eubanks
  • Eddie Anderson

No matter how hateful and repulsive you are, those two can make you palatable to just about anyone!

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