Being an intrepid tech reporter, I buy books related to my work. I just picked up The Gawker Guide to Conquering All Media (obligatory: it is the greatest work ever put to print. You should buy copies for yourself and all your friends). I preordered Options by Forbes editor Dan Lyons, writing as Fake Steve Jobs, way back in July. I've been pantingly awaiting the arrival of my copy from A few days ago, I got an email from Amazon saying my book arrival date was getting pushed back — to December 14. I thought it was just a mixup, but now we've heard from other sources that Amazon sent them the same email. What's going on? Here's what Fake Steve himself has to say about it.

"it's a mistake by amazon. sorry. book is out oct. 22. some stores in san fran already have stacks in the window.

Bizarre. First the Real Steve Jobs's operating system is delayed,. Now an apparent glitch in Amazon's software is making Fake Steve Jobs's book look delayed. One wonders if, despite that little MP3 rivalry their companies have going on, Real Jeff Bezos and Real Steve Jobs are teaming up to play tricks on Fake Steve.

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