MySpace pair get $50 million for losing ground to FacebookA News Corp. source is confirming that MySpace honchos Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe — the site's founders in name, if not in fact — have signed new contracts. How much did it take to keep the pair from bolting MySpace, even as it keeps losing ground to rival social network Facebook? It's been reported the pair demanded two-year deals worth $50 million each, but word is they got about half that. Even then, are they worth it? Here's a graph that will keep News Corp. investors awake at night.

MySpace pair get $50 million for losing ground to Facebook

Rumor has it that News Corp. COO Peter Chernin was against bringing Anderson and DeWolfe back. Good to know someone within Rupert Murdoch's empire is capable of reading a traffic chart.


(Photo by AP)