"God bless you!" wrote Steve Almond's editor Julia Cheiffetz to me, after we ran a long excerpt from Steve's new essay collection, effectively shoving the book into the consciousness of at least the 6,966 readers who clicked on the post and who may not have previously known of its existence. Today, Steve writes on the Huffington Post that "Until a few weeks ago, I'd never paid much attention to Gawker. I had a vague sense that they were a gossip website that had something to do with New York. Then my editor sent me a link to a post they wrote about me. As it turned out, they'd been talking shit about me for a while."

The recent few weeks have been very edifying though! He totally has our number now. According to Steve, we are like the Fox News in some amoral way and we "don't care about books" and "don't pretend to care about 'objectivity' or even accuracy for that matter," using as evidence quotes that referred solely to our reader-generated Stalker Map, not the actual site—you know, that thing the journalists call "taking quotes completely out of context."

"If this country ever hopes to rouse itself from the moral torpor marked by the Bush years, we are going to have to end our addiction to Gawking, and face up to the common crises of state." Steve concludes. Hey, buddy, don't let us keep distracting you. You get back in there and keep up your impressive and fruitful struggle against the evils of our time.