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Now that PodTech founder John Furrier is without a day job, how will he fill his free time, now that he doesn't have to manage Robert Scoble? Probably with the same hobby he appears to have wiled away his time while still on duty at his online video network: hounding bloggers and Facebook members. In the waning days of his employment at his own company, Furrier treated Tree Shapiro, a near-septuagenarian ex-professional gambler from Boston, to the full treatment on Facebook. Shapiro is relatively new to "this internets kick" but, as he says, he knows his tells. Shapiro ably dispatched the startup entrepreneur and provided this observation:

I love the way he tries to order me around like I work for him. His family must fucking hate him.

The complete Facebook exchange after the jump.

John Furrier 7:02am September 27th who are you? I see you in the groups... I also couldn't have missed the Nantasket Ave mention. I grew up in Hull in the summers... NU grad in the 80s... what is your story

Tree Shapiro
11:54am September 27th
Hi John,

I'm an old (c 1938) professional gambler. The daughter of my best friend (alav ha-shalom : may he rest in peace) from my old neighborhood got me into this internets kick.

I love watching these bullshitter experts on the internet, it's almost as much fun as the tables, and I'm not as mobile as I once was.

You seem like a nice guy. Although, in my opinion, the best Babson has ever turned out is Scott Sharp. (Kind of joking.)

I'm not a bridge jumper, John. I know my tells. That's all you need to know.

All the best,

Tree Shapiro

(I'm sure you've heard the expression "Go to Hull". But maybe that was before your time. :-)

John Furrier
3:43pm September 27th
where is your old neighborhood.. I know who you are. Trivia question: If you're a gambler what was the only place in nantasket beach where you could gamble or close to gamble on the strip in Pargagon Park. Clue: it was next to Josephs (a pizza resturant).

If you can answer this question then you're a real gambler

Tree Shapiro
5:35pm September 27th
I grew up on Morton Street in Mattapan, the youngest of 11.

If you're talking about JJEastman's (the only place that had tables) then I know what you're talking about. Otherwise gornisht helfin. You're the one who started this conversation. I have no need to prove myself to every goyisha kop who comes along.

We didn't go to Nantasket to gamble, but to take out broads and go for a bite. There was some card playing at the Clarion. My brother in law Benny Yanoff had a place on Harbor View. He had a deli in the financial district (Boston) called The Hole In The Wall which was pretty much a bookie joint back in the day. He's gone now too, but the place might still be there. We are living in different worlds.

Where did you grow up? Newton?

John Furrier
5:00pm September 29th
I grew up in New Jersey and Hull in the summers.

we are in different worlds

Tree Shapiro
Today at 8:03am
Yes John, you're right. In the world I live in you don't refer to yourself as a Bostonian after having grown up in New Jersey; although it's almost understandable.

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John Furrier
Today at 9:13pm
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my family has been both in the city and north and south shores since the 1800s ... more of a bostonian than a new yorker/jersey...

I know who you are


Well then, why the fuck do you keep emailing me with "I know who you are"?
You started this "conversation", John. You handed me New Jersey on a paper plate. Surely you have more important things to spend your time on than sending me thinly veiled "I know who you are" threats, Sport.

I will admit that I was happy you did get some extra work on The IT Crowd. You really are funny. Loren Feldman has nothing on you.

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