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For a bunch of geeks, the people running the Web 2.0 Summit, organized by geek-book publisher O'Reilly Media and tech-conferences specialist CMP, don't seem to be very good at pushing around the A/V cart. A conference attendee writes us to complain that every session he's been to has had a different technical issue. Video and audio were out of sync during Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's presentation. Marissa Mayer's presentation on Google Health was broken too. Nokia's Anssi Vanjoki had to deal with video without sound. Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen, a broken microphone. Wealthy has-been Ted Leonsis, pushed out of AOL and now pushing a new venture, couldn't get a network for his demonstration. Our bitter tipster tells us, "WTF! and the wifi completely sucks." That's why smart people like my boss bring EVDO cards, chump. (Photo by