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Josh Kopelman sold to eBay in 2000. Since then, he founded First Round Capital and sold StumbleUpon for $75 million, again to eBay. BusinessWeek's Kerry Miller got Kopelman to complain about three ideas he tired of seeing from startups.

What's Kopelman sick of? First, what he calls "hamburger companies," or the kind that are built to flip with business plans to depend on getting acquired by Google. He's also done with plans that monetize through Google's AdSense.

Finally, even though Kopelman sits on the board of Facebook's new $10 million fund for Facebook application developers, don't come to him with some measly little app.

"Just because I Super-Poked you or bit you and turned you into a zombie doesn't really give me anything as an advertiser to figure out your intent or something to target against," Kopelman told Miller.

So, no AdSense publishers and no Facebook apps. That doesn't leave the current crop of entrepreneurs with very much to go on, from the pitches we get daily.