OH my God what? So the sad (and sorta illiterate!) underage sexcapade suit filed against maybe-millionaire probably-perv Jeffrey Epstein was filed by the poor gal's boyfriend? Who is a kind-of awesome wingnut named William Unroch? Who has a blog? And also apparently another girlfriend?

Says his blog:

Called this BIG firm lawyer about a case last week. Now I have a couple of hundred cases of my own and also run a talent agency. With all that going on I have lots of time for my 2 wifey girl friends - wifey 2 who is 18 almost 19 requires lots of attention. Wifey 1 who is 23 only requires money. Don't have a nice Jewish Hell housewife to deal with so i can't really comment. I still have lots of time to feed the fish, sit on the boat watch 4 hours of horror movies on Sci Fi channel daily, look for wifey 3, and lots of other stuff.

I CANNOT STOP READING THIS. P.S. He is 57 years young!