Yesterday, Vogue editor Lauren Davis' assistant and socialgay Peter Davis' boyfriend Paul Johnson-Calderone told the Observer that he had been prevented from participating in a "The Hills"-esque reality show called "Frenemies" with Unruly Heir flak, heir Kristian Laliberte, by Conde Nast rules. The same piece implied that Paul and Kristian "were at one time quarreling over the hot pash" of Peter. We wondered what Kristian had to say about all this. Turns out: A lot!

"I didn't know that Paul was an official employee at Vogue—I thought he worked in a personal capacity for Lauren Davis. If Vogue had an issue with the show, it was never brought to my attention. The show was pitched to me and I brought on Paul. When I terminated our agreement with the development company, it was because of various other offers that I decided to pursue."

"I didn't know who Peter Davis was until I was accused of dating him and I read about it in the newspaper. The instant I learned he was in a relationship with Paul, which wasn't immediatly brought to my attention by Mr. Davis, I tried to make it clear that I had never harbored what you call a 'hot pash' for Pete. I wish them both the best in their relationship."