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Though reports had been circulating about a mysterious FBI raid of the heavily fortified Las Vegas warehouse where celebrity necromancer David Copperfield houses the contract with Satan documenting the exchange of his mortal soul for the infernal magickal powers he regularly displays in network television specials, the purpose of the probe had remained unclear. But now Fox News is reporting that the investigation is connected to a rape claim made against Copperfield by a Seattle woman:

The woman told Seattle police the magician raped her while she was in the Bahamas, sources said. Because the alleged incident happened abroad and the woman did not report it until she returned to the United States, Seattle authorities turned over the case to the FBI.

On Thursday, FBI officials raided a Las Vegas warehouse used by Copperfield. Seattle FBI agent Robbie Burroughs said Thursday the case was related to one in Washington. [..]

Copperfield's Las Vegas attorney, David Chesnoff, told FOX News that possible sexual abuse claims against the illusionist are false.

"If in fact those are the allegations, unfortunately false allegations are all too often made against famous individuals," Chesnoff said. "But we are confident the investigation will conclude favorably."[...]

Copperfield has a warehouse in Las Vegas that he has dubbed the International Museum & Library of the Conjuring Arts. He apparently stores tricks and memorabilia from around the world at the warehouse.

It remains to be seen what secrets the FBI's raid on the illusionist's magic repository will reveal; in addition to the potential seizing of evidence that could aid in the investigation of the rape claims, they could come across the item that could help the agency finally crack one of Las Vegas's still-unsolved crimes: the diary in which Copperfield details how he mesmerized Siegfried and Roy's man-eating white tiger to do his evil bidding, instigating the attack that ultmately ended the heated rivalry between the Strip's two cheesiest magical acts.