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What to make of the latest episode of sexually explicit content, a drunken, topless lesbian make-out session, broadcast live on We recall Jeff Goldblum's character in "Jurassic Park," mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm, delivering the profound line, "Life will out." You cannot contain people's lives to PG-rated material on a site dedicated to "lifecasting." Warnings and threats of banning simply won't matter. In the wee hours of the night, DJ Structure enticed two lady friends into titillating his viewers with a reenactment from Girls Gone Wild — lesbian kissing, topless petting, and butt display.'s policy of forbidding nudity and adult content could never prevent the arousing episode from going out live, and staying available for several hours, while's staff slept.

That's what's so brilliant about's policy. It's a play straight out of Google's YouTube playbook. The startup can claim to do the right thing, while allowing salacious content to boost traffic, until, inevitably too late, it gets reported. In fact, we suspect there's plenty of adult content cropping up all over, like supposedly infertile velociraptors laying eggs. There's lastcall808 of GravTV doing gravity bong hits, for example. (Photo by Justin TV Gossip Blog)