Glaring Omissions reproduces tips received from readers in the last week that weren't covered on Gawker, either by accident (it happens!) or by design (that happens more often).

Please read below for the worst email ever. A friend of a friend was sent the below, from a dude she met at H&M. I know, very random, but clearly this dude is never getting a response - or a girlfriend, EVER:

-Don't print my name or email, please!



Hi , this is David,I met uin the H&M clothing store last week. I thought u were very pretty. I don't have internet in my house. How long have u lived in N.Y. ? I studied advertising design.I do freelance design and customer service when the design field is slow.I also paint in oils.I know of a gallery i want to be rostered with in Soho.I started a design company, but have not made any money with the company yet. I have a business partner in China. My company name is Sciensun Inc. I designed 2 practical products and hope to sell them intens of thousands of stores accross america. If they are successful i will sell them in all of Asia , Europe and USA and Latin America. I have more products on the drawing board for the future.I was born and raised in NY. I live in Elmhurst Queens now. I eventually want to move to the upper east side of Manhattan or the Suburbs. Do u Have brothers and sisters ? Ilove dogs. I will definately buy a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd puppy in the future. Do u have pets ? How was it growing up in Armenia ? Do u like animals ? I like dolphins also and horses and girraffes, lions, tigers and salt water aquarium hobby. I paid to swim with a dolphin 3 years ago in Florida. They gave me a crippled dolphin , it swam with a limp fin. The dolphin had a fin cast on. I would like to try bull riding as a challenge to myself. I want to see if i can stay on the bull for more than 8 seconds. Bull riding is in Texas.What fun activities do u enjoy doing ? I like cafes/lounges, amusement parks, bowling, play pool, motorboating.I don't have internet in my house, i have to use library computers , i have limited time with one. I would like tohave drinks with uthis week, coffee, or tea,is this alright ?
E-mail me back..or call me [REDACTED]

Take Care

And here is what is also weird about this: HE SENDS VARIANTS OF THIS EMAIL TO OTHER WOMEN.