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Could soon-to-be departed Yahoo chief marketer Cammie Dunaway be on her way to Nintendo of America? That's what one tipster suggests. And it makes sense. Cammie describes her new home as "a natural fit for someone who loves driving profitable revenue for big, well-loved consumer brands and can't pass up the opportunity to be the coolest Mom in the universe." Well it just so happens that Nintendo has a big gaping void left by the departure of senior VP of marketing George Harrison, VP of marketing Perrin Kaplan and public relations director Beth Llewelyn due to the company moving its marketing and PR operations to San Francisco. Whose kids wouldn't be happy to have their mom hawking the Wii? No doubt she'd be happy to stretch her creative wings selling a product people actually like. Kotaku, the videogames blog, can't squeeze a confirmation out of Nintendo. Does anyone have an inside line?