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Why has professional tech curmudgeon John C. Dvorak changed his initial opinion of Joost, the Internet television service? Why, because it now contains his own content. In his January review of Joost, Dvorak summed up the offering in "two words: it stinks." Dvorak complained about Joost's tracking of user habits for advertising purposes and background interruptions from the application. But he reserved his largest complaint for the content offerings: "The only content is infomercials for last-gen rock bands with emphasis on Green Day and its Hitler Youth-style concerts." Dvorak warned that if Joost didn't focus on content, it would soon "be a memory." Now that Dvorak's CrankyGeeks has its own Joost channel, we're sure the hard-to-please reviewer loves the smell of Joost's stinky content. Sniffing your own armpits again, eh, John?